We’re Kim and Daniel, a couple who fell in love with National Parks and the outdoors after our first visit to Grand Teton National Park.

Kim and Daniel at Grand Teton National Park

Soon after our first visit, life changed pretty quickly in less than two years. Daniel needed to leave his 9-to-5 job for health reasons (too much stress and too many hours were taking their toll). We started putting plans in motion to move to the mountains and build a house for a simpler way of life. But it didn’t work out as we planned.

The cost of building a home was astronomical. He couldn’t find work where we had bought land. And the pressure at work was getting worse.

One weekend, we decided to go to an RV dealership just to see what RVs were like (we had never really been in one before and had never been camping). The third RV we walked into we fell in love with and knew it was right for us.

RV living room with woman sitting on couch
Kim in our RV the day that we bought it.

In less than 60 days, we went from full time employment, living in a townhouse, and designing our dream house in the mountains to buying a brand new RV, buying a new truck, trading in a car, selling everything, quitting a dream job, learning basics about RV living and getting on the road for full time RVing.

man and woman standing in front of new RV with red carpet
The day we took our RV home.


We learned a lot about RVing, camping and ourselves while full timing in an RV. We also learned we don’t enjoy full time RV life!

But we discovered a new way of travel that we love and dream about. And we realize that while we don’t want to live in an RV full time, we do still love to RV and camp.

Just with a little more luxury than we were doing as full time RVers.

rv and truck parked among trees
One of our favorite campgrounds, Powell Campground in Idaho. But, wow, was it HOT without any power!

Check out videos of some of the RV parks we loved (such as Powell Campground seen above), and RV tours.

So this website is devoted to everyone who dreams about RVing but doesn’t know the first thing about it. (True story, I had a wave of panic while sitting on our couch in our home wondering if I could use a hair dryer in an RV or if I’d have to wear a ponytail for a year. I panicked about a LOT of other stuff, too.)

We know all of the questions you probably have and think it’s silly to ask. Trust us, it’s not!

And our blog is devoted to all campers and RVers who want to get outdoors, but don’t want to rough it with limited water, no showers, etc. We’ve been there and done that and had a great time. But we also know that is not our style anymore. We’re more about camping in amazing places without giving up too many of the comforts and conveniences of home.

If you need just the basics of RVing and camping, without a lot of stress, you have come to the right place!

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