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Man Extending RV Motorhome Awning

How Do You Clean An RV Awning?

Did you just get back from your amazing RV trip or pulled out your RV from long-term storage only to find your awnings are covered in tree sap, mold, or dirt? Understanding which camping awning cleaner to use depends on your type of RV awning materials. How you clean a vinyl RV awning versus an …

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orange camping tent on rocky side of mountain with glaciers in distance

What Are Waterproof Tents Made Of?

Before you purchase a new tent for your next camping trip, it is important to understand the difference between waterproof and water resistant tents! Depending on the climate and geographical region you plan to camp in, you may want to purchase a weatherproof tent rather than a water resistant tent. The last thing you don’t …

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Travel Trailer Height Measurement

Average Travel Trailer Heights

Do RV heights include the rooftop Air Conditioner? What is the average exterior height of a travel trailer? These are some of the questions we receive from new RVers. It is an important and valid question as the exterior height of your RV will come into play for many reasons. First, if you plan to …

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Vintage Gas Pump on Route 66

How to Save on Gas When RVing

Are you looking at the current fuel prices and wondering how to save money at the gas pump while on your next RVing adventure? Fuel prices ebb and flow due to many factors. However, there are ways to save money on your fuel costs regardless of current prices at the pump when filling up your …

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