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RV Shoe Storage Ideas

Surprisingly, one of the hardest things to keep organized while camping is your shoes. If you don’t want to be frustrated every day, you will want to know these valuable tips of how to store shoes in an RV.

When we full timed in our RV, one of our kitchen cabinets became our shoe storage. Seriously. Because there was nowhere else to conveniently store sneakers, hiking boots and flip flops. We smushed our shoes into the lower cabinet and gave up food storage in order to keep shoes organized.

Shoes on a shoe rack

Pocket Storage

Perhaps one of the easiest, cheapest and most versatile shoe storage solutions in an RV is pocket storage.

These pockets can be hung on walls, the backs of doors, in cabinets and even on the bed frame under the mattress.

*Helpful hint: You can often cut these pocket systems to fit your unique space if you can’t find an exact fit.

Hanging pockets are also great to attach outside your RV. Using either heavy duty magnets or removable Command hooks, hang the storage system on the outside wall of your RV to collect flip flops and sandals after a wet day at the beach or lake. That way you don’t have to bring wet shoes inside.

This trick also works great for toys, odds and ends, etc.

Hanging shoe storage

These portable storage systems work in closets at home. So they can work in your RV, too, if your closets are tall enough. Plus, they can fold up and take very little space when not in use.

Be sure to check out our guide to the best RV clothes hangers, too, for hanging your clothing.

Magazine Racks

Hang a magazine rack on the wall or inside a closet or cabinet to easily store shoes. This works best for slim shoes such as flip flops, slippers or sandals. Definitely not going to work for men’s hiking boots.

Storage Bins

Yep, sometimes the easiest way to store stuff in an RV is simply to put it in a clear storage bin and put the bin in an overhead cabinet or a closet. You can stack the bins for even better storage.

Shoe Racks

If you have a larger motorhome, you probably will have bigger closets. And some modern ones even have built in shoe racks! However, if you have the space but no built-in shelves, shoe racks are a good idea to add to the bottom of the closet to organize your shoes.

Over the seat organizer

In a Class A, Class C or Class B motorhome, you will have driver and passenger seats in the front. Add an over the seat organizer to store shoes behind the seat. The bonus is that the shoes will be easily accessible near the door.

Storage Nets

Whether you hang them inside a door, in a closet, or from the ceiling, storage nets are the perfect way to stuff a lot of shoes into a storage space.

Command Hooks

Add hooks throughout your RV to hang shoes on. For flip flops and sandals, you hang by the toe strap. For sneakers and boots, you’d hang from the heel (with the opening towards the wall). Great locations to add these are:

  • Inside closets
  • On kitchen island base
  • On walls in hallway
  • Inside cabinets
  • In cubby holes


If you have room, add an ottoman to your RV. Not only is it really nice to be able to put your feet up (especially if you don’t have recliners), but it’s also extra seating AND a place to hide your shoes.

I made this popcorn tin storage ottoman for our RV and we love how much we can fit inside. It’s great for a pair of dirty hiking boots, or several pairs of flip flops or sandals.

Laundry Basket

A quick and easy way to store shoes in your RV is to store them in a laundry basket. Just toss all of the sneakers, hiking boots and sandals in a laundry tub.

The basket can be stored outside of your RV during the day. Or store the basket in your shower when not in use.

Move the basket inside at night or during bad weather. While showering, move the basket out of the bathroom.

Pro Tip: This is a great idea for dirty shoes. Laundry baskets have holes for air flow, which allows sweaty shoes to air out. The plastic can easily be hosed off or wiped down to remove debris.

Use All Empty Space

You don’t have to store your shoes in your bedroom. We couldn’t store more than one pair of shoes in our tiny closets on either side of the bed. We had no over-the-bed cabinets (we intended on making some, but sold the RV before we did). And picking up the heavy bed to get to shoes stored underneath was not an option.

So we stored shoes in the kitchen. And you know what, it worked!

Here are some hidden places for shoe storage you might have overlooked:

  • Under dinette drawers
  • Pull out sofa drawer
  • Overhead cabinets
  • Store shoes in the basement area (storage underneath accessed by a door from the outside)
  • Under the passenger seat
  • Get a big bag to hold your shoes and store it in the shower when not using it

Tow Vehicle Storage

Sometimes you just have to use alternative storage ideas. Storing your shoes in your tow vehicle can be a smart solution. 

Instead of just throwing them in the back seat, make sure to have a storage bin to keep them tidy.