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Do You Need A Water Flow Meter?

Trying to figure out how much water you actually put into your RV’s fresh water tank? Our Pro Tip, utilize a water flow meter when you fill your RV’s fresh water tank. Let us explain.

RV Water Tank Level Reader

Pros Know Fresh Water Tank Levels Matter

The seasoned RVer who has boon docked off the grid for a few nights, understands the importance of the balance between having enough water in your fresh water tank versus having too much water that may become a weight issue when towing to your destination.

For those who have RVed for any extended length of time know quite well the fluid level meters hardwired in your RV are about as accurate as testing wind velocity and direction with a wet index finger. The margin of error by solely relying on your RV’s fluid level reading can be huge. In regards to your fresh water tank’s actual fill level, this margin of error could be several gallons of water. As many know, one gallon of water is approximately 8.4 pounds. If, for example, you overfilled your fresh water tank with 7 additional gallons of water this equates to an additional 58 pounds of weight you may not want or need to tow to your destination.

Seasoned Rvers who have owned their rigs for several years, or have utilized it extensively during epic boon docking outings, truly know how many gallons of fresh water they need in their RV’s fresh water tank to sustain them for the number of days they plan to stay off the grid. If one is boon docking for only one or two nights, you may not need a full tank of fresh water. You may know on average you only need half a tank to make your stay is comfortable.

RV Water Tank Flow Meters

Utilizing an RV water tank flow meter will give you an exact measurement of the number of gallons you put in your fresh water tank. Here are the RV water tank flow meters we suggest:

Rainwave RW-9FM LCD Digital Water Flow Meter

Using the Rainwave RW-9FM LCD Digital Water Flow Meter will provide you an easy to read electronic display that can be toggled between gallons or liters. This in-line water flow meter requires no batteries and will begin reading once it senses water flow over it’s sensor.

RAINPOINT Water Meter – Digital Water Flow Meter

The RAINPOINT Water Meter – Digital Water Flow Meter tracks your water flow meter rate, has four modes of measurement: flow rate; average consumption; last flow measured; and total consumption. This water flow meter that is made of durable ABS plastic has a tolerance of less than 5% and comes with quick connect fittings for your RV’s potable water hose.

P3 Save A Drop Water Flow Meter

If you’re trying to get an accurate reading filling your RV’s fresh water tank, then install a P3 Save A Drop Water Meter onto your potable water hose. This meter is extremely accurate and measures water usage to the 1/10 of a gallon. It also will calculate single water use and your total water consumption. It features an easy-to-read LCD display contained within a waterproof housing.

Krageröd – Garden Hose Water Meter

If you’re looking for a well-built RV water flow meter with brass fittings then check out the Krageröd – Garden Hose Water Meter. This water flow meter has heavy-duty brass fittings that will connect to your RV potable water hose, has a waterproof housing, will measure water flow in gallons or liters, and has an auto off feature when water flow is not detected.

Do You Need An RV Water Flow Meter