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Camping Gifts Under $10 (Tried and Tested by Us!)

Whether you are looking for inexpensive camping stocking stuffers or essential camping gear on a budget, these are the best camping gifts under $10 that you can give an RVer or camper.

We personally own and use all of these items. They are the camping gear that we use over and over again while either full-time RVing or just camping on the weekends.

Best camping gifts under $10.


You are always leveling something when RVing, so make sure you have a reliable bubble level that works. This T-Level can be mounted with screws, or you could use a heavy-duty adhesive. The small size is perfect for trailer tongues or hitches, or to put inside your camper.

Magnetic Hooks

We have used these magnetic hooks so many times when RVing! They are perfect for attaching to the outside of your RV to hang wet clothes, dog leashes, or shoes.

Inside, you can hang coats and hats or bug swatters.

They easily attach and detach from a metal surface, making them multi-purpose.

Roll Up Dish Rack

If the RV doesn’t already come with a roll-up dish rack, get one! Seriously, this is a must-have for camping!

We used our dish drying rack that fit over the sink almost every day. While it is made for easily drying dishes as the water drips off of the plates and bowls into the sink, this foldable mat can be used for so much more.

In our small trailer, it doubled our surface space. We used it as a nightstand at night because we needed the room. We have also put potted plants on top while draining, in addition to having a place for putting books, coffee cups, etc.

farmhouse kitchen sink in rv

Duct Tape

Every single RVer needs duct tape. If they already have a roll, then they need another roll. It is just that important.

Retractable Clothesline

At this affordable price, there is no reason not to have a clothesline to use while camping. This portable clothesline comes with clothespins and can dry towels, swim suits, clean laundry and anything else that is wet outside of your camper.

Drying items outside a trailer is one of the best ways to reduce condensation and humidity inside an RV.

Of course, the travel clothesline can also be used in the shower for hanging wet jackets and rain gear during inclement weather, too.

Egg Carrier

Sure, you can put a dozen eggs in your RV refrigerator or camping cooler. However, those styrofoam or cardboard egg cartons don’t protect fragile eggs on rough roads or being packed in a cooler with lots of heavy items moving around.

These hard-sided plastic egg carriers will protect eggs way better than store-bought packaging. We all know that one cracked egg can make a huge mess and definitely smells pretty bad if you don’t clean it all up!

Pour Over Coffee Dripper

A great way to make coffee while camping without needing a coffee maker!

This reusable silicone coffee filter is lightweight and easy to pack. It takes up WAY less space than a coffee machine or a French press. Fold it down flat to store in a drawer or put in your backpack.

At less than $10, this is a great option for making coffee while traveling. It is perfect for when you are off the grid, too. You can boil water over a campfire and use the pour over coffee dripper to finish the process.

Miniature Camping Spice Set

This multi-spice bottle has a variety of spices that are perfect for making meals while camping. Spice bottles can take up a lot of room, so this combo spice set really saves a lot of space.

Not only is it convenient for backpacking and tent camping, but it is great for van life and RV kitchens with limited space, too.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Roasting foods on the campfire is one of the most iconic things to do while camping!

This set of eight roasting sticks are great because there are enough for everyone in the family.

Plus, these sticks are extendable up to 32-inches long. We use these sticks and are so happy with the extendable design. You can get close to the campfire or far away, depending on wind, temperature and safety. Keep kids far away while the adults can get closer.

Don’t like s’mores? No problem. These are great for hot dogs and other types of food to cook over the campfire, too!

Liquid Nails

Yeah, it seems like an odd gift but let us tell you, this will probably be one of the most appreciated items you buy that costs less than $10!

RVers always have something to fix. Always.

Liquid nails heavy duty adhesive comes in very handy when on the road. You will be surprised at how inexpensive it is. Plus, it fills up a stocking very nicely!

Pill Packs

Whether you are traveling with vitamins, supplements or prescriptions, all of those bottles take up a lot of space.

These miniature pill pack bags let you put the capsules and caplets you need each day in one small bag. Carry just the amount you need when backpacking or camping. They are also great when RVing for a weekend.

A person holding a plastic bag with two pills in it, found while camping.
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These little pill bags are also perfect for over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies such as motion sickness tablets, antihistamines, cold medications, etc.

Write down the names of the pills or the day to take them on the labeling area. Just use a Sharpie pen to identify each bag.

Small Flashlights

It seems like you need a flashlight or a helpful light all of the time when camping. This 2-pack of small flashlights is perfect for camping.

Add these small flashlights in a variety of places so that you always have illumination nearby!

Perfect for keeping in your RV garage, a coat pocket, tool box, etc.

Mesh Caddy

If you are using bath houses while camping, this mesh caddy is perfect for storing toiletries and bath supplies to bring for showering.

Even if you are not using bath houses, these mesh caddies come in very handy while camping and in the outdoors.

Or use them when visiting the gym while traveling.

Use them for bringing to the pool or the lake. They are even great for storing wet bathing suits or wet rags.

With a low cost, these are even great to use as packing cubes for socks, underwear or other small items. Or use them to organize items in the bathroom.

Citronella Candle

Citronella is perfect for keeping bugs away while you are outdoors. Burn this citronella candle to keep mosquitoes, flies or gnats from bothering you while eating outside or around the campfire.

Natural Anti-Bug Balm

We love Badger products because they are all natural and use essential oils to keep bugs away.

This bug repellant balm is small enough to keep in you pocket or backpack while hiking or backpacking.

This camping gear under $10 is important, but there are some other things that are necessary, too. Be sure to see our list of 65 essential camping items for new RVers.