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Zonli Battery Powered Heated Blanket Review

The Zonli 3-in-1 Battery Operated Heated Blanket and Pillow promises off-grid heating that is ideal for camping, RVing and van life.

We were sent a Zonli blanket to review. While we were hoping this would be a great option for how to stay warm in an RV during the winter, we found that the battery operated heated blanket did not live up to our high hopes.

A person's hand holding a Zonli pillow with a zipper on it.

Zonli Z-Walk 3-in-1 Battery Operated Heated Blanket and Pillow

During the winter, we put our Zonli 3-in-1 heated blanket to the test while trying to stay warm. Rather than bringing the blanket to use on a sub-zero night while camping, we first tried out the blanket indoors when the house was cold.

Short Battery Life and Limited Heating

After fully charging the battery pack (5000 mAh), I wrapped up in the plush blanket and turned it on to the lowest setting (104 degrees Fahrenheit). Then I started the stopwatch to see how long the battery would last.

While I was cold before wrapping up in the blanket, I don’t feel like the blanket warmed me up, too much. Other than the fact that it was a sherpa-style material that was warm anyways.

A bed with a white zonli blanket on top of it.

The row of battery packs did have a gentle heat. Personally I feel like it kept the chill off, rather than kept me warm.

The battery pack is estimated to last up to 3 hours on the low setting, according to the website.

However, the battery lasted only 2 hours. And that was in a relatively temperature controlled environment, not in extreme cold temperatures.

With the short heating time on the lowest setting, we didn’t even test the high heat setting (140 degrees Fahrenheit) to see how long it would last. The purpose of our test was to see if this was a viable way to stay warm overnight and off-grid while camping.

With a battery that lasted only two hours without much warmth, we didn’t pursue our test because it wouldn’t be beneficial to campers during the winter.

Need to Upgrade the Battery

Thinking something might be wrong with the battery pack that was sent, I contacted the company representative with my concerns.

I was told that battery times were an estimate and can fluctuate with environmental conditions.

If I upgraded the battery pack at an extra cost ($89 for the upgraded battery pack), the heating time would be longer.

In reading Amazon reviews, I found that many other customers also had the same problems.

Uneven Heating Zones

While a stronger battery pack could result in a much longer heating time, our biggest frustration was the position of the heating elements.

The row of heating elements is not centered in the middle of the blanket. Instead, they are all located in one line on one side of the blanket.

While this may be fine if you are using the blanket as a poncho or wrap while outdoors, it is not as great if you are using the blanket to cover your body while sleeping.

If you position the heating elements vertically over your body while sleeping, then 2/3 of the blanket will be on the side of your body.

If you drape the blanket horizontally over yourself, the heating elements are still only on one part of your body.


  • Soft and Plush Blanket This blanket would be warm even without the battery pack. The thick, plush blanket is comfy and cozy.
  • Pillow Option The ability to zip the blanket into a pillow is great for multi-purpose use. The pillow can be used for sleeping or as a throw pillow on a couch.
  • Wearable The size and shape of the blanket make it easy to wrap up in and wear as a poncho. It is perfect for sitting around the campfire or staying warm in an outdoor stadium.
  • No Cords Heated blankets are not uncommon, but they usually need a cord, making them inappropriate for use outdoors, at sporting events, camping, etc.
  • Rechargeable The battery pack can be recharged for multiple uses. Charge the battery by plugging into an outlet, use a USB cord or even charge with a solar power pack, such as a Jackery.
  • Multi-Purpose The battery pack can be used for other items, as well, such as a phone charger.
  • Machine Washable Remove the lithium battery pack and you can easily wash this blanket in the washing machine.
  • Zippered Pocket for Battery Pack A zippered pouch makes it easy to remove and insert the lithium battery pack.
A hand holding a phone in a zonli pocket.


  • Limited Heating Zone There is only one row of heating elements in the blanket.
  • Short Battery Life The standard battery pack that comes with a Zonli heated blanket does not last very long. On the company website, it states that the battery can last up to 3 hours on the low setting.
  • Extra Expense for Better Performance Knowing the minimal heating time with the standard battery, it would be nice for a better battery pack to be standard, even at a higher price point.
  • On/Off Button In a world where we are used to pressing a button and having an item turned on, we were frustrated with not being able to get the blanket to turn on because we didn’t hold down the on/off button long enough. Keep this in mind when you try the blanket for the first time.


We really like the concept of a battery operated heating blanket for off-grid living, especially as a smart way to stay warm in an RV, car camping or van life. However, the lithium battery would need to have a longer life span to make the investment worth it.

A small portable power station would cost double the amount of a Zonli heated blanket with an upgraded battery pack. However, you could buy a heated blanket with a cord, plug it into the power station and perhaps have a longer heating time, which would be ideal for off-grid camping.

Perhaps you could use another battery pack to heat the blanket. We did not try that option, but please let us know if you have.

If you need to stay warm in situations where a corded heated blanket is impossible to use, then a battery operated heated blanket can be one of the best solutions.