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GoSun Camp365 Solar Powered Trailer for Off Grid Camping

If you have been dreaming of a lightweight, solar-powered RV for off-grid camping, you must check out the new GoSun Camp365 trailer that debuted June, 2022.

You might be familiar with some of GoSun products already. The company is known for their solar appliances, such as GoSun solar cookers.

GoSun Camp365 Trailer

GoSun has joined with AWOL Outdoors Inc. Dba CAMP365, to create the latest product: a solar-powered, self-contained, travel trailer that can be towed by almost any vehicle!

There are so many features of this brand new trailer that consumers have been demanding for years (yet most manufacturers haven’t responded to), including:

  • Solar Powered, without having to install solar panels
  • Lightweight
  • No need to buy a truck to tow
  • Easy to store in a garage (it is 4 feet wide when closed)
  • Height of 6 feet, 8 inches when collapsed
  • Easy to park in a parking space

The price of the GoSun Camp 365 is $32,000.

The new GoSun Camp365 is an ultra-lightweight trailer weighing a mere 1,800 pounds and can be towed with nearly any vehicle, including electric cars, such as a Tesla.

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With its extremely small footprint when folded, the Camp365 trailer can be parked anywhere, including most normal-sized parking spaces and garages

The GoSun Camp365 takes less than 10 minutes to unfold into a roomy off-grid cabin, expanding to offer 100 square feet of space with a height of 7 feet, 6 inches. It is 11 feet, 8 inches in total open width.

With the proprietary leveling system, one can set up on various off-grid sites, which other campers and tents cannot.

There are 5 tinted windows and screens.

Ground clearance is 11.25 inches, with an option for a big wheel lift.

Solar Powered Trailer

With living areas indoors and out, the trailer is built out with a complete set of GoSun solar appliances, including cooking, refrigeration, off-grid power, kitchen sink, hot shower, and more.

An off-grid, solar-powered trailer allows you to camp anywhere you want without worrying about hookups.

When parked at home, the GoSun Camp365 offers an emergency power system that can power all your electronic essentials and provide you with cooking, refrigeration, and freshwater.

When you entertain guests, the GoSun Camp365 delivers an instant and comfortable pop-up guest room

Solar Powered Appliances and Water Purification

The GoSun Camp365 trailer integrates the entire lineup of GoSun solar appliances. These appliances area available to buy separately to use with your own camping setup, just click on the links below.

The GoSun solar-powered appliances include:


The Gosun Camp365 includes the super energy-efficient Gosun Chill.  The Chill refrigerator cooler has 40L of space, plenty of room for all your drinks and food, and never needs ice. 


For cooking, the GoSun Fusion is included that makes any meal from sunlight and can cook with the onboard 12-volt battery.


Clean drinking water is important, but it can be hard to bring enough water that you will need. With the GoSun Flow water system, you can purify water from any source while camping, such as a stream, river, or lake. 

With the push of a button, a two-watt USB-powered pump moves water from the source through a filter.

This trailer has over 24 gallons of water storage on board.


Staying warm at night is easy with the GoSun heated blanket, and since it’s portable, you can use it in the Trailer on your bed or outside when you are by a campfire. 

Power Supply 

Packed with energy and ports, The GoSun Camp365 comes with multiple portable power banks and the larger Power 1100, which can power all of your 12-volt and 110-volt appliances, eliminating the need for a gas generator or campground hookups.

Solar Charging

The GoSun Camp365 naturally has solar charging. The Camp365 offers 300 watts of solar power, including its portable and useful Solar Table.

Brew (Coffee and Tea Maker)

An ultra-portable, all-in-one French Coffee maker is also included.


Some of the features we’re excited to see in this solar powered trailer, in addition to the off-grid appliances and water purification, include:


There is storage in the floor of the trailer, as well as hanging storage shelves. There is 83 cubic feet of dry, lockable storage space.

Bunk Beds

Families will be happy to see that there are bunk beds available for children.


An awning extends the living space outdoors for enjoying nature while camping. It also provides shade, keeping the interior cooler.

All Aluminum Frame

No wood or canvas is used in this trailer. The materials section means you don’t have to worry as much about rusting, rotting or mold growth. Marine-grade fabric is used instead.

What We Don’t Like

No RV is perfect, and this one is lacking a few things we wish it had, including:

  • A bathroom or toilet
  • Actual mattresses, instead of inflatable mattresses

A hot shower is available, though it is an outside shower.

However, the trailer wouldn’t be able to fold down compactly if it had a bathroom or thick mattresses, so there are things to give and take with the off-grid features.

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