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Nomadik Box Review: Monthly Adventure Subscription Box

 The Nomadik is a subscription box for adventure gear and gadgets, perfect for hiking and camping. It’s a great way to try out gear that you might not have known about before.

Nomadik has sent us a November and December box to review. November’s theme was Defend Against the Elements. December’s theme was Weekend Trek.

Nomadik Subscription Box Review

What is a Nomadik subscription box?

It’s a monthly box curated with 3-7 full size products that are great for enjoying the outdoors. The items could include camping supplies, food, hiking essentials, survival gear, etc.

You do not need to be a adventure seeker to enjoy the Nomadik Box! It’s simply designed to help you enjoy the outdoors more.

I’ve found that the items sent in The Nomadik subscription boxes are perfect for outdoor adventure, yes, but they are also great for urban pursuits and survival preparedness (the October box was all about purifying water – which is definitely important for anyone’s emergency kit).

I also think that the unusual products INSPIRE you to get outdoors more. These are gadgets that I wouldn’t have ever dreamed about unless I found them shopping in an outdoors store (which doesn’t happen that often).

The Nomadik subscription box will include high-end items from one or several of the following categories:

  • Gear (think portable power options, dry bags, or lighting)
  • Tools (think knives, multi-purpose tools, first aid products, or skin repair)
  • Fuel (think products you can consume – such as drinks and snacks – or drinkware)
  • Knowledge and Inspiration (you’ll get outdoor hacks, camping tips and ideas included in the box)

You’re getting up to $50 of products in each Nomadik subscription box. Yet you’re paying much less!

You can cancel at any time (yes, really!) and the longer the subscription you choose, the more value you get in your box.

What Is Inside Nomadik Subscription Box

Previous boxes have included items such as:

  • Hammock
  • Lantern
  • Camping Mug
  • Water bottle
  • Binoculars
  • Knife
  • Stainless Steel Straws

The following are the items from the two Nomadik Subscription boxes that we received.

November Nomadik Box

For the November theme of Defend Against the Elements included the following items:

  • Seal Line Blocker Dry Sack
  • Outdoor Element FireBiner
  • LiveFire

While I was familiar with dry sacks, I didn’t know that the other two products even existed. This was a great way to discover them.

Seal Line Blocker Dry Sack

I love this dry sack because it is large and it has a multitude of uses! You can use it camping and kayaking. Or sleeping by a waterfall.

  • Did you know you can also use it on your family beach vacation to keep the electronics dry?
  • Or when you’re out on a boat to protect your food and valuables if they go overboard?
  • It would be perfect for theme parks and water parks to keep your camera and phone dry on water rides.

See, you might think that the products are only for hard core adventurers, but these outdoor products can fit into anyone’s life.

Outdoor Element FireBiner

I was surprised to find a carabiner with tools hidden inside. I didn’t know they existed.

It’s like a swiss army knife in a way, but this one actually holds weight (up to 100 lbs).

It’s great to have in emergencies on the trail, with the ability to start a fire or use the mini blade for cutting.

Snap it onto a belt loop or backpack when you’re hiking (no matter where or for how long) just in case.


When my husband and I were traveling to National Parks this year, we were amazed at how difficult it was to get a fire started sometimes.

Even with dry kindling, twigs, dry hardwood and a smart technique, there were many times when we couldn’t get a simple fire pit fire to start.

Which is concerning. Especially if you were relying on the fire in an emergency.

We were only trying to get a campfire for making s’mores. But sometimes you must rely on a campfire for heat or light to survive.

LiveFire is smart to have on hand either outdoors or in your emergency kit at home. It still lights after being submerged in water. Which means you can get heat and fire even if you’re not living in perfect conditions.

December Nomadik Box

This holiday box had a bit extra value to it. With the theme of Weekend Trek, it was full of practical items that could be used in the outdoors and in the suburbs, too.

  • Coalatree Nomad Packable Duffel
  • Seattle Sports Fire Water Multi-Bottle
  • Green Goo by Sierra Sage Dry Skin Care Stick

Coalatree Nomad Packable Duffel

This is a great duffel bag that folds into its own pouch. Perfect for outdoor pursuits or going to the gym.

Seattle Sports Fire Water Multi-Bottle

My favorite item was this water bottle that has a solar-powered light on the cap. Not only can you bring water, but you’ve got an emergency lantern, too. And it’s powered by the sun. Plus, it’s super lightweight.

Green Goo

Dry skin isn’t just after being on the trail. This stick helps with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, plus cracked hands and feet and bumps.

The Nomadik is also a great hiking subscription box. Even if you don’t intend on doing any rugged camping or hiking, it’s fun to use some of these items while on the trail. Be sure to check out our list of hiking essentials, too.

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