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RVs With 3 Bedrooms: Fifth Wheels to Class C’s

When browsing RVs at exhibitions or dealerships, it’s common to come across standard designs. However, the RV world holds some interesting surprises. Imagine layouts boasting lofts, mid-section rooms, or multiple bedrooms.

Yes, there are RVs designed with three bedrooms, catering specifically to larger families or those who often host guests on their travels. We provide a guide to some of the most popular three-bedroom RVs.

Entegra Accolade 37L Super Class C RV Exterior
Entegra Accolade 37L Super Class C RV Exterior. Image courtesy Entgra RV.

The Elusive 3-Bedroom RVs: Do They Truly Exist?

For individuals searching for the perfect RV to accommodate a family of eight or more, the challenge can seem daunting. Most RVs might not have the required space without the constant rearranging of dinettes or sofas. We’ve got you covered!

While the mainstream RV designs feature one or two bedrooms, a niche segment offers three-bedroom varieties. 

These RVs may have dual private bedrooms and often incorporate bunk beds. They could be an ideal choice for large families who love outdoor adventures and camping.

Why Opt for a 3-Bedroom RV?

The primary advantage of a three-bedroom RV is, of course, the abundance of sleeping areas. While a family of four might find it excessive, families with six or more members would greatly appreciate these individual spaces. The need to transform sofas or dinettes into sleeping arrangements nightly disappears. 

The convenience factor is amplified when you can enjoy breakfast without having to reset the dining setup each morning. Moreover, with the extra bedrooms, hosting guests becomes seamless.

Whether it’s an accompanying couple or your children’s friends, everyone can relish their privacy without having to make do in the central living area.

Forest River Salem Villa 42DL Interior Living space showing the kitchen and sleeping loft
Forest River Salem Villa 42DL Interior Living space. Image courtesy Forest River.

Is a 3-Bedroom RV a Worthy Investment?

For families larger in number or for groups of traveling couples, three-bedroom RVs provide unmatched comfort. Depending on the specific recreational vehicles model, families can allocate separate rooms based on age or gender.

Couples can also benefit from private primary bedrooms and even separate bathrooms. Unlike traditional models, where additional bedrooms can shrink the living space, destination trailers in these RVs ensure spacious kitchens and living areas. 

Regardless of your preference – be it toy haulers, travel trailers, Class C, or fifth wheels – there’s a three-bedroom RV out there tailored for your needs.

Benefits of Choosing a 3-Bedroom RV

  1. Sleeping Spaces: The standout feature of a three-bedroom RV is the generous sleeping area. Families with more than four members will appreciate not having to transform a dining or sitting area into a makeshift bedroom every night. Waking up in a designated bed, without the need to revert the space for breakfast, adds comfort to the camping experience. Most come with a standard main bedroom and a front bedroom as the second bedroom space.
  2. Guest Entertaining: Another perk of these RVs is the extra space in the main living area and great features like an entertainment center to keep large groups to entertain. Whether it’s another family joining for a camping weekend or your children’s friends, the additional sleeping areas ensure everyone has their privacy.
  3. Price Point: The price range for RVs with three bedrooms will vary greatly depending on the model year of the RV, a park model RV vs. luxury fifth wheels, the model types in the different RV classes will drive the base prices, large RVs vs. smaller RVs, the amount of interior space vs. storage space, and the incorporation of convertible living spaces vs. loft spaces with a overhead bunk sleeping area. Other interior and exterior creature comfort features will drive the price of your RV. Features such as how many full baths the floor plan accommodates, the number of separate sleeping areas, the number of separate bedrooms, the incorporation of an outdoor kitchen feature and a dedicated third bedroom all factor into the cost. In general, three-bedroom RVs can cost between $100K to over $300K depending the model type and the Class of RV.

Best 3-Bedroom RVs

Class C Motorhomes

Class C Motorhome Towing a Car on a desert road

1. Entegra Accolade 37L

The three-bedroom Entegra Accolade 37L Super C RV encompasses a rear master bedroom, a cabover bed upfront, and adjacent bunk beds near the primary bedroom.

The integrated kitchen-living area is equipped with household-sized refrigerators, an electric fireplace, hide-a-bed or optional theater seats, and a dinette. External entertainment features add to the charm. It’s built on a robust Freightliner S2RV chassis powered by a Cummins ISB 6.7L 360 HP diesel engine, measuring 39 feet 4 inches with a 31,000-pound GVWR.

Key Features: A rarity in Class Cs, the Accolade 37L boasts a third sleeping zone. Perfect for younger kids, the 28×72-inch bunks free up the cabover bed for older ones. This design can comfortably accommodate six, a novelty for larger families in Class C models.

2. Thor Quantum LF31

Echoing the Entegra Accolade 37L in design, the Thor Quantum LF31 places bunk beds near the rear master bedroom. This model reimagines the layout with bunks, kitchen counter, sink, and dinette on the driver’s side, while the bathroom, fridge, and 68-inch sofa are on the passenger’s side.

It’s based on a Ford chassis equipped with a 7.3L V8 gas engine, a tad smaller than the Accolade at 32 feet 8 inches, with a 14,500-pound GVWR.

Key Features: This model is an affordable, compact solution for families, retaining essential layouts and sleeping configurations. Beyond the primary bed, bunks, and cabover, the jack knife sofa offers another restful niche.

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3. Jayco Redhawk 31F

The Jayco Redhawk 31F is similar to the Thor Quantum LF31’s layout. The rear features a queen bed, with bunks situated across a dual-entry bathroom. The kitchen counter faces the fridge and jack knife sofa, while a dinette rests behind the driver’s seat.

It’s built on a Ford E-450 chassis and powered by a 7.3L V8 gas engine, spanning 32 feet 6 inches with a 14,500-pound GVWR.

Key Features: Representing the list’s most wallet-friendly motorized option, the Redhawk provides three distinct sleeping zones with an additional potential space using the sofa.

3-Bedroom Fifth Wheel RVs:

Fifth wheel trailer parked in a heavily wooded forest camp site

1. Keystone Avalanche 390DS

The Keystone Avalanche 390DS is a sophisticated fifth wheel, boasting dual master suites—one situated in the front and the other at the back. Each suite is complemented with a full bathroom and ample wardrobe space. The heart of this fifth wheel is adorned with a central kitchen island, an electric fireplace, plush theater seating, a detached dining space, and an option for a residential-style refrigerator. An additional loft bedroom rests above the rear suite.

Key Features: Offering two opposite-end bedrooms provides distinct privacy, catering to older children, two couples, or any pair of travelers who cherish their individual spaces. The inclusion of two separate entrances and bathrooms further elevates the privacy quotient.

2. Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB

A distinctive 3-bedroom RV, the Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB boasts of three separate quarters and foregoes a loft. It houses a front master bedroom, a middle bunk room, and a back room equipped with versatile flip-down bunk and tri-fold sofa. The interiors are also furnished with two comprehensive bathrooms, a kitchen peninsula, theater-style seating, and a standalone dining area.

Key Features: This model is a top choice for larger families, as the three separate rooms ensure personal spaces. Whereas the Keystone Avalanche 390DS caters to two couples, the Chaparral 373MBRB excels in offering spaces for children.

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3. Dutchmen Voltage Triton 4271

The Dutchmen Voltage Triton is an inventive toy hauler fifth wheel that stands out with a rear garage featuring the HappiJack power bunks. Above the half bathroom, you’ll find a loft bed. The combined kitchen-living space is embellished with a cozy sofa, a spacious 18 cubic-foot fridge, and a paired bench and table. A separate center room has an accompanying loft above and is adorned with a comfy couch, while the fore houses a luxurious king-sized bed.

Key Features: With five designated sleep spaces, it’s ideal for larger family setups. The garage’s multifunctionality as an office, play area, dining, or additional room further adds to its appeal. Plus, its vast 46-foot-4-inch length and impressive 4,897-pound cargo capacity make it perfect for hauling gear.

Destination Trailers

CrossRoads Hampton HP370FDL Floor plan with multiple sleeping areas shown
CrossRoads Hampton HP370FDL Floor Plan. Image courtesy Hampton.

1. Forest River Salem Villa 42DL

Unveiling a dual loft destination trailer, the Salem Villa 42DL by Forest River features a front-positioned primary bedroom with a queen bed. Above the bedroom and bathroom, stairs lead to three snug bunk mats measuring 42×74 inches each. The integrated kitchen-living area is enriched with a parallel refrigerator, freestanding dining, theater seating, a capacious sofa, and a kitchen island.

Key Features: Its design offers extensive living areas rare in 3-bedroom RVs, mirroring the spaciousness found in rear living fifth wheels. The ingenious addition of the loft with bunks ensures no compromise on space, ideal for children’s separate sleeping quarters.

2. CrossRoads Hampton HP370FDL

Sporting three bedrooms, the CrossRoads Hampton model HP370FDL showcases a kitchen island, a combined chair and bench dinette, theater seating, a couch, and a generous front pantry. The full bathroom contains a spacious 48-inch shower. Ascending stairs lead to a loft positioned between the bathroom and the primary bedroom, with the loft housing two standard bunk mats on one side and a larger double bunk mat on the opposite.

Key Features: This destination trailer resembles the Forest River Salem Villa 42DL in terms of spacious kitchen and living areas courtesy of the loft. A unique design flips the standard layout, positioning the bedroom and loft in the back while the living domain occupies the front.

3. Forest River Timberwolf 39LB

The 3-bedroom Forest River Timberwolf 39LB offers a novel front kitchen blueprint. A peninsula equipped with bar seating supplements the separate dining space. The living room area is lavishly spread with two facing sofas and a recliner. Like the CrossRoads Hampton HP370FDL, the primary bedroom is at the back, and the loft nestles between the bedroom and bathroom.

Key Features: The loft incorporates two 36×74-inch bunk mats and an expansive space, perfect for a children’s play zone. The innovative front kitchen design proffers one of the most extensive living spaces among the trailers listed. Bar seating augments the seating provision, suiting large family gatherings or guest hosting.

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