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Best Travel Trailers Under 7,000 Pounds

When it comes to purchasing a travel trailer, it is important to consider both the features and the weight of the trailer. Finding a trailer that has the features you want while remaining under the towing capacity of your tow vehicle can be a challenge.

Fortunately, there are plenty of travel trailers available on the market today that weigh less than 7,000 pounds. We are sharing our favorite campers under 7,000 pounds and highlighting some of the best features of each model, including size, weight, materials, and amenities.

We also provide helpful tips and resources to help you make an informed decision about the best travel trailer for your needs.

Travel Trailers Under 7,000 Pounds (Both GVWR and UVW)

What is the difference between GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight)?

GVWR is the total amount of weight that the trailer axle can carry, including the dry weight of the camper empty, plus any cargo, water or any fluids in the fresh, grey, or black tanks, additional equipment and gear.

The dry weight, or UVW, is not the best measure nor an accurate representation of what your travel trailer will weigh when you take it out on your adventures.

Let’s be honest, you will never take an RV with you to go camping that doesn’t have any food, clothing, supplies or water. Even when we put ours in storage ’empty’ we still keep some trailer specific gear stored in the trailer.

Coachmen Freedom Express Select 20SE

The Coachmen Freedom Express Select 20SE is one of the best travel trailers under 7,000 pounds. Weighing in at 6,000 lbs. GVWR and a dry weight of 4,160 lbs UVW, this RV trailer offers all the amenities of a full-size RV without the extra weight.

Coachmen 20SE floor plan
Image courtesy Coachmen.

With no slide outs, a sizeable kitchen, and a spacious bathroom, this trailer offers plenty of room for anyone looking to camp or travel in comfort.

The exterior features a rugged fiberglass construction and is equipped with a spare tire and an awning for shade. The 20SE comes with plenty of exterior, pass-through storage, so you’ll have all your camping essentials within reach.

Key Features:

  • Hitch weight 512 lbs.
  • 24′ – 6″ in length
  • 10′ – 7″ in height
  • 8′ wide
  • Gray water: 33 gallons
  • Fresh water: 50 gallons
  • Black water: 35 gallons
  • 16′ long awing
  • Tinted windows
  • L-shape corner dinette
  • AIR 360+ Antenna w/ optional 4G LTE Add on
  • 81″ Interior ceiling height
  • 6 gallon DSI Gas/Electric Water Heater
  • Microwave
  • 60″x 80″ Queen size mattress
  • Optional 50 amp service
  • Sizable dry bathroom

What We Like About the Coachmen Freedom Express Select 20SE

The shorter length of this travel trailer will allow RVers to get into most private and public campgrounds including the restrictive National Park campgrounds.

Keystone 29BHPR

The Keystone 29BHPR is one of the best travel trailers under 7,000 pounds. It has a UVW rating of 6,408 lbs., making it a great option for those looking for a lightweight RV trailer with an exterior made of fiberglass.

Keystone 29BHPR Floor Plan
Image courtesy Keystone.

The Express is a great choice for family camping trips, as it has a spacious interior with plenty of room for up to ten people.

It also comes with features such as a large refrigerator, an oven, and a microwave.

Plus, it has a 21′ long awning and one slide out so you can feel confident in your travels. The slide out houses the dinette and sleeper sofa with an option to convert the sleeper sofa to two luxury cinema recliners.

Key Features:

  • 745 lb. hitch weight
  • 10 cu. ft. refrigerator
  • 33′-4″ in length
  • 11′-1″ in height
  • Fresh water: 37 gallons
  • Gray water: 60 gallons
  • Black water: 30 gallons
  • Propane tank: 40 lb. (2 tanks)
  • 1,192 lb. carrying capacity
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Double 51″x74″ bunk beds
  • Entertainment Center
  • Fireplace
  • Sleeper Sofa
  • Dinette converts to a bed

What We Like About the Keystone 29BHPR

We truly appreciate the open floor plan of the Keystone 29BHPR. When you have a travel trailer that can accommodate and sleep 6-plus people, you really want an open floor plan, which is perfect for those times when everyone needs to be inside the trailer, such as during a rainy day or at night.

Forest River Explore X-Lite 263BHXL

The Forest River Explore X-Lite is one of the best travel trailers under 7,000 pounds. Its lightweight design makes it a great option for those who need to tow their trailer with a 1/2 ton pickup truck. It weighs in at just 5,864 lbs UVW., meaning that it won’t be too difficult to tow it around.

Forest River Explore X-Lite 263BHXL Floor Plan
Image courtesy Forest River.

It also has a great selection of amenities and features, including a large living area, full kitchen with a multi-burner stove, and a custom RV king-size bed.

This is a great travel trailer for a larger family. It can easily sleep two adults and 8 children comfortably with its double-stacked bunk beds in the rear and the convertible dinette and sofa that each turn into beds.

The Wildwood is a well-made RV that delivers comfort and convenience in a package that weighs less than 7,000 pounds UVW. It is perfect for those looking for a great travel trailer that won’t break the bank.

Key Features:

  • 682 lb. hitch weight
  • 1,828 lb. carrying capacity
  • 11 cu. ft. refrigerator
  • 31′-9″ in length
  • 10′-4″ in height
  • 8′ exterior width
  • 30 Amp service
  • 13.5K BTU A/C
  • Fresh water: 38 gallons
  • Gray water: 60 gallons
  • Black water: 30 gallons
  • Propane tank: 40 lb. (2 tanks)
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Double 48″x74″ bunk beds
  • Entertainment Center
  • Fireplace
  • Sleeper Sofa
  • Dinette converts to a bed
  • Optional exterior kitchen

What We Like About the Forest River Explore X-Lite 263BHXL

The private bedroom with a door and a custom RV king size bed is truly amazing. It is somewhat rare to see a travel trailer with an RV king size bed.

Also, the open floor plan of the X-Lite 263BHXL is perfect for the families with 6 or more members traveling together. Having an unobstructed interior space is important to keep everyone happy when they are not sitting around the campfire.

Grand Design Imagine 2600RB

The Imagine 2600RB is one of the best travel trailers under 7,000 pounds UVW. It comes with a host of features and amenities that make it an ideal RV for those looking for a lightweight and comfortable camper.

Image courtesy Grand Design.

This RV trailer has a standard length just under 30 feet and a width of 8 feet. It offers a variety of options, including a power tongue jack, heated and enclosed underbelly, and heated and enclosed freshwater tank.

It also boasts a spacious interior, with one slide with the sofa and dinette, a queen-sized bed in a secluded bedroom at the front, and a sizable open kitchen.

With its lightweight design and large rear bathroom with a large window, the Grand Design Imagine is a great choice for those looking for a versatile and reliable RV trailer with the Grand Design build quality assurance.

Key Features:

  • Hitch weight: 594 lbs.
  • 5,795 lbs. UVW
  • 29′-8″ in length
  • 11′-2″ in height
  • Fresh water: 52 gallons
  • Grey water: 82 gallons
  • Black water: 45 gallons
  • Sleeps 6
  • 21′ Awning
  • 60″ x 80″ Queen Bed
  • L-shaped Kitchen area
  • 30″ x 36″ shower
  • Tri-fold Sofa (optional theater seat replacement)
  • U-shaped dinette
  • Exterior LP Gas quick connect
  • Aluminum 3-step entry stair
  • Pass-through exterior storage
  • Tankless water heater
  • 10 cu. ft. refrigerator
  • 15K BTU A/C

What We Like About the Grand Design Imagine 2600RB

While Grand Design RVs are an impressive line in general, we are truly impressed by the capacity of the gray water tank on the 2600RB. While that might not seem like the first specification that most would gravitate towards, for those – like us – that have been RVing for many years and have boondocked for several days with no hookups, we know the gray water tank capacity is critical to staying off the grid.

Airstream Basecamp 20

We have toured the Airstream Basecamp 20 many times over the years and it is one of the most popular travel trailers that weigh less than 7,000 lbs, for good reason. Its sleek, lightweight aluminum construction and aerodynamic design allow for easy towing, and its durable construction can handle any type of terrain.

Airstream Basecamp 20 side elevation
Image courtesy Airstream.

Inside, it features an open pass-through floor plan with a rear and front seating and dining areas that converts to a bed that can each sleep two, a wet bath with shower, toilet, and small sink combo, a galley kitchen area with a two-burner stove and sink with under-cabinet storage and a refrigerator on the opposite side.

With its short length, rugged design and unique shape, the Basecamp 20 is truly a travel trailer that will turn heads and spark many conversations (and tours) from your campground neighbors.

Key Features:

  • 20′-2″ Exterior Length
  • 7′-9″ Exterior Width
  • 9′-1.5″ Exterior Height
  • 7′-2.5″ Interior Height
  • 4,300 lbs. GVWR
  • 500 lb. Hitch weight
  • Fresh water: 23 gallons
  • Gray water: 28 gallons
  • Black water: 21 gallons
  • Ducted 19K BTU furnace
  • Microwave optional
  • 30 AMP electrical service
  • Sleeps 4 people
  • 200W Solar Package (300W optional)
  • Standard Goodyear Tires

What We Like About the Airstream Basecamp 20

The name Airstream in the RV industry is synonymous with heritage and build quality. When you see an Airstream, of any make or model, going down the road you immediately know it’s an Airstream. The Basecamp 20 is no different.

This unique, lightweight travel trailer is compact enough to get you into any public or private campground or off the grid in the back country.

Jayco Jay Feather 27BHB

The Jayco 27BHB is a great choice for a family seeking a travel trailer under 7,000 pounds and comes with several standard features and amenities.

Image courtesy Jayco.

Its exterior is made of a lightweight aluminum frame, making it lightweight yet strong and durable. It has an aerodynamic profile that reduces wind resistance, making it easier to tow.

Inside, it has a one slide housing the sleeper sofa and dinette. In the rear are two stacked double-size bunk beds with a queen-size bed and bedroom with a door in the front.

This travel trailer boasts a red spacious bathroom with a separate exterior door.

It also includes an entertainment center with an LCD TV and an AM/FM/CD/DVD player. It’s a great choice for those looking for a spacious yet lightweight RV that can handle a variety of camping trips.

The exterior kitchen is centrally located under the awning and great for those who want to spend more time outside preparing meals.

Key Features:

  • 6,085 lbs. UVW
  • 1,515 lbs. Cargo Carrying Capacity
  • 745 lb. Hitch Weight (dry)
  • 33′-2″ exterior length
  • 10′-1″ exterior height
  • 8′-0″ exterior width
  • 6′-6″ interior height
  • 21′ wide awning
  • Sleeps 9 people
  • Sleeper Sofa
  • Convertible Dinnette
  • Tankless hot water heater
  • 35K BTU furnace
  • 60 lb. Propane
  • Fresh water: 55 gallons
  • Gray water: 61 gallons
  • Black water: 30.5 gallons
  • Solar package – optional
  • Heated tanks – optional

What We Like About the Jayco 27BHB

We have toured hundreds of travel trailers and RVs. Time-after-time we see RV manufacturers who offer exterior kitchens place them at the edge or not underneath the exterior awning – a deal breaker when you want to cook outside on an inclement weather day. The Jayco 27BHB has their outdoor kitchen placed centrally located under the long 21′ awning. This is a perfect location that won’t hamper fireside camp cooking on a rainy day.

KZ Connect C272FK

The KZ Connect C272FK travel trailer is one of the best RV trailers under UVW 7,000 pounds. The KZ Connect line of travel trailers model comes in eleven different floor plans, ranging from 28 to 37 feet in length.

It features a lightweight construction with a fully-aluminum frame, making it a great option for campers who want the durability of an all fiberglass exterior construction.

Image courtesy KZ Connect.

For this roundup of travel trailers, we are focusing on the Connect C272FK floor plan as it is a stand-out layout equipped with an array of features, including a solar package, solid surface countertops and a modern interior.

The C272FK has an impressive rear bedroom with door that houses a king-size 70″x80 bed with storage and centrally located TV across.

In the center of this trailer’s floor plan is a duel-entry bathroom with a corner shower, an open living and kitchen space with a beautiful entertainment center and 30″ fireplace and large pantry near the entry door.

At the opposite end of the trailer is an expansive L-shaped front kitchen and 70″ sofa and dinette.

Key Features:

  • 6,900 lbs. UVW
  • 820 lb. hitch weight (dry)
  • 1,900 lbs. Cargo Carrying Capacity
  • 82″ interior height
  • 31′-1″ exterior length
  • 11′-4″ exterior height
  • 8′-0″ exterior width
  • Fresh water: 45 gallons
  • Gray water: 64 gallons
  • Black water: 32 gallons
  • 30K BTU furnace
  • 20′ wide awning
  • 40 lb. propane
  • 8 cu. ft. refrigerator

What We Like About the KZ Connect C272FK

The list of amenities and the unique and open floor plan of this travel trailer make it a stand-out amongst hundreds of travel trailer options. From the king-size bed in the rear to the huge front kitchen area, this is truly a unique travel trailer in this category.

Dutchmen Coleman Light 2515RL

We are focusing on the 2515RL within the broader range of Coleman Light travel trailers due to it’s well-planned layout and an interior full of amenities and smart design.

Image courtesy Dutchmen RV.

With only one slide out, which houses the dinette and storage, the 2525RL provides an open and highly functional interior floor plan that boasts a rear sofa under a large window, a fire place, a 7 cu. ft. refrigerator, a large window at the dinette booth area, a centrally located duel-entry bathroom and a separate queen-size bed in the front bedroom.

Key Features:

  • 5,713 lbs. UVW
  • 614 lbs. hitch weight (dry)
  • 1,887 lbs. Cargo Carrying Capacity
  • 29′-5″ exterior length
  • 10′-11″ exterior height
  • Fresh water: 60 gallons
  • Gray water: 39 gallons
  • Black water: 28 gallons
  • 20′ wide awning
  • Farmhouse sink
  • Microwave
  • 3 burner cooktop with oven
  • LCD TV
  • Large Pantry and kitchen storage
  • Sleeper sofa
  • Pass through exterior storage

What We Like About the Dutchmen Coleman Light 2515RL

The smart and high functional floor plan of the 2515RL is a stand out for us. This floor plan is a lot like our previous Forest River Salem 27REIS that also boasted a large rear ‘salon’ style seating area with a fireplace and dinette surrounded by large windows. That floor plan was amazing and we still love it.

The Dutchmen Light 2515RL accomplishes all of this in a smaller footprint without sacrificing the abundance of natural light the interior of this travel trailer will receive.

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